Provide Content Solutions That Meet Your Customers At Each Stage Of Their Journey

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Over the past several years, content marketing has solidified its standing as a central pillar in the marketing strategies of both B2C and B2B businesses. And while there’s no doubt that custom content pieces are vital to developing a brand’s voice, marketers are also using licensed content throughout the customer journey to demonstrate expertise and provide additional value.

As the customer journey becomes increasingly segmented and personalized, having access to a wide variety of high-quality content that speaks to your unique audiences is more critical than ever. This can be difficult to achieve with limited time and resources. Licensed content can be an excellent way to supplement your existing content and fuel your personalized marketing efforts. With licensed content, you can access expertly-produced articles, videos and audio on a wide range of topics — from business to wellness to sustainability — immediately, without sacrificing the time or the cost often associated with creating original content.

At The New York Times Licensing Group, we focus on providing content solutions that meet your customers at each stage of their journey. From fueling discoverability to boosting your output volume for newsletters, our licensed content can help you generate engagement while creating genuine, emotional connections between you and your audience.

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