Supreme’s Red Oreos Are Going For $10,000 On eBay

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Supreme created a red branded Oreo cookie of the double-stuffed variety in partnership with Mondelez International as part of its spring-summer 2020 collection, which launched today. A three-pack of cookies goes for $8 at New York City Supreme stores and will be available to buy online next week.

An image of the red cookie was leaked three days prior on a Supreme super-fan and reseller’s Twitter account, @TheSupremeSaint. The post received 67,000 likes and nearly 19,000 retweets.

Yet before Supreme dropped the Oreo in the brand’s signature red, the cookie made its way to eBay. One package of the three “rare” cookies has a current bid of $10,000 with 51 bidders and 176 watchers.

Hype around the Supreme Oreo cookie started months ago on Reddit, a potential leak from a Nabisco plant worker. Users responded to the image in confusion, with one Redditor in disbelief saying, “This is wild if it’s real. Hype cookies, I never thought I’d see the day.”

Supreme celebrated 25 years last year and has a slew of brand collaborations under its belt. In 2017, it started a luxury-meets-streetwear revolution when it partnered with Louis Vuitton to launch luggage and apparel that replaced the designer’s signature brown for Supreme’s red.

In October 2019, Supreme released a North Face Statue of Liberty Baltoro jacket for its fall-winter 2019 collection, coinciding with the opening of its San Francisco store.

Shortly after, Supreme and Rimowa announced their second partnership in November 2019—aluminum suitcases wrapped in a broken glass motif and Supreme logo.

What started as a small skateboard shop with roots in Manhattan’s Lafayette Street in 1994 now boasts a $1 billion valuation after the Carlyle Group invested $500 million in Supreme last year. The brand operates 12 stores, six of which are located in Japan.

This article first appeared on a.list.

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