This Week in Social Media

This week in social media news, TikTok is exploring a curated content stream, Twitter is considering its own payment option and user rating system while Pinterest growth outpaced Snapchat.

What to Expect in 2020 From…Social

As we enter 2020, social media will remain a critical channel for driving brand awareness and generating sales. To see the best return on investment (ROI), however, brands will have to be early adopters of a few social media marketing trends we’re shining a light on here. Think TikTok influencers, augmented reality (AR) social commerce and video storytelling.


Podcast Ads Have More Pull Than Marketers Think

As podcast usage continues to rise, it’s important for marketers to know who they’re speaking to when advertising on podcasts. Here we’re breaking down the preferences of these super listeners and how podcasts influence these consumers’ buying behavior, according to the study’s findings.