What We’re Reading—Week Of July 20th

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We’re searching for the most pressing marketing insights this week.

Half Of Agency Staffers Don’t Feel Secure About Their Jobs


Half of agency employees don’t feel that their job is secure, 40 percent are currently looking for a new one and 32 percent have taken a pay cut, Digiday’s research found.

Why it matters: The pandemic has made things difficult for the industry overall, as 59 percent of agency workers say they’re working longer hours and 32 percent feeling pressured to produce more work.

How to Brainstorm — Remotely

Harvard Business Review

To avoid groupthink while brainstorming remotely, have small groups capture their ideas in a document then send a shared document of solutions to the entire group to build on them.

Why it matters: Solving complex problems in remote environments makes it easier to bring in a diverse group of participants and enables people to think more abstractly about a problem.

Why Intersectionality Is Key To Brand Success


Bonnie Smith, the founder of Studio B Entertainment, a brand experience agency made up of women of color, says brands need to ensure they have internal representation at every level of their company before spending marketing dollars on Black Lives Matter campaigns.

Why it matters: As per Smith, “I needed to do my own thing to make sure brands could become aware and stop advertising to us as if we’re one person, and start recognizing many of us claim multiple identities.”

Shopify Adds Virtual Shopping Feature With Hero

Mobile Marketer

Shopify merchants can now create a more immersive experience for their customers with Hero-powered virtual tools, including mobile text messages with personalized recommendations and the ability to answer product questions and check inventory.

Why it matters: As lockdowns persist, many shoppers will continue shopping online, making it important for brands to mimic the in-store experience digitally.

Reimagining Marketing In The Next Normal

McKinsey & Company

To thrive as the pandemic continues, marketers must rethink how to connect with consumers, redesign shopper journeys, engage with smart devices and interfaces across the home and localize their marketing.

Why it matters: Harnessing the imagination may be just as critical to planning during the pandemic, if not more so, than the granular monitoring of data and trends.

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