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Snapchat Repurposes the Impact of Brands

“The biggest misconception about us is that we’re a social media company,” Khan told Advertising Week attendees. “But we’re more. We’re a camera company, too. We started with the camera.

Taking a Stand: The Authenticity of Celebrities

Social media is the key for weeding out talent to be a spokesperson for a brand.  If the brand doesn’t like what the celebrity has to say on social media they more than likely will not like the image the celebrity will give to the public.

Rebranding Health Care: Back to the Future

Healthcare is invasive, and its brand is fear. Neither of these things make it fun for anyone to think about. But in a public overwhelmed by increasing rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, healthcare is an important topic that deserves conversation.

The Future of Digital Health Care

Healthcare doesn’t have a profile yet and both Dr. Oz and Arnold want to make that a reality.  The goal is to have all your health in one place to make people more aware. 

Working Towards the W

I’m coming clean. I’ve wanted to work at ESPN since I was twelve years old and have been waiting this week for this seminar like it was Christmas morning.