Tag: Hispanic Heritage Month 2020

The Best Part Of Advertising History

25 years in advertising hasn’t been enough time for me to understand one of the biggest mysteries in our industry: Why do many companies spend millions on media, fees, salaries, research, or productions, just to be quickly forgotten? 

A New Chapter in Times of COVID-19

Back in March (it seems like a lifetime ago), I thought this would go away in a few weeks once we all followed directions and took care of each other. It didn’t. Here we are 200+ days in, with no end in sight.

Latinas: Your Vote is Our Power

This year marked the 100th year anniversary of women achieving the right to vote through the passage of the 19th Amendment.  In 1920, on election day, millions of women exercised, for the very first time, their right to vote in the U.S.

The Marketers Vaccine In the Post-Pandemic World

As the economy slowly reopens, this makes the role of marketers more important than ever. Agencies and brands alike will need to be bolder than ever and constantly challenging the old way of thinking because it no longer applies in the world we live in today and won’t be effective in the post-pandemic world. 

Quit Defunding Your Hispanic Marketing

At a moment when brands are reflecting on their relationships with multicultural consumers, it’s a great time to talk about something that’s been happening in multicultural marketing for the last decade or so: it’s time to quit defunding your multicultural marketing.

Language and So Much More

I often get asked whether brands should use Español or English to reach U.S. Hispanic consumers. The answer is both or a mix, but it’s more complex than just language.

The Pandemic That Affects Our Industry Can be Healed

As if three simultaneous pandemics (a health-related, the social tension of racism and inequality and the global economic recession) weren’t enough, over the last ten years or so, our industry has gone through a “pandemic“ of its own.