The Sustaining Power of The Hispanic Consumer Beyond 2020

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By Karina Dobarro, SVP, Multicultural, Horizon Media

Often, we hear about the power of the Hispanic consumer, mainly attributed to size and growth, 61 million and growing. However, the power of our Hispanic community is multifaceted and cannot be attributed to one simple metric particularly in a year like 2020. To begin, the core of our strength is in our shared values of community, faith, and resilience. As a community, we support and look out for one another. Family and close friends are at the center of all big life moments and decisions. Our optimistic mindset is very much driven by faith. The belief in a higher power that is always there to support us during hard times.

And while we may come from many different countries of origin, we all have experienced similar setbacks, ranging from government turmoil in Latin America to unfair immigration policies in the US. These experiences have built our resilience, strong character, and determination to succeed. The sacrifices our parents, grandparents, and/or great-grandparents made by migrating to America are carried by each generation and serve as constant reminders and fuel to continue working hard and prospering. 2020 has been especially difficult for our Hispanic community, being disproportionally affected by COVID from a health and economic perspective, but as in the past, we will continue to thrive.

And thriving we are, in the power of influence, creating and shaping the cultural landscape of America today. Earlier this year, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira used the biggest sporting event in the country to extend a message of unity and pride to the Hispanic community as the first two Latina headliners in the history of the Super Bowl. Most recently, Bad Bunny stopped traffic in New York and crashed YouTube with a virtual and live concert through the Bronx, Washington Heights, and Harlem to celebrate Latinos and front-line workers. And with the upcoming election, the Hispanic vote is very much coveted.

With 32 million eligible voters, Hispanics could be the deciding vote in states like Florida and Texas. Our cultural influence does not stop here, it extends to food, beauty, entertainment, and many other categories. All ultimately powering the American economy. Our contributions as a community can no longer be overlooked by corporate America.

More than ever, marketers have the responsibility to take a stand and support the Hispanic community. Hispanics are loyal consumers and will remember those brands that extend a hand during difficult times. And in return, they will become brand advocates. Recognizing our contributions today will reward your business in the future. I am proud to be a first-generation Latina and advocate for my community.

As a brand strategist, my role is to advise brands with their multicultural media efforts, how to effectively reach and connect with this influential segment. If I can tell you one thing is that representation and cultural relevance matter. Connect with us authentically, in-culture, and where appropriate in-language. As the US continues to become more diverse, 2020 marks the first year the US population under 18 is majority-minority, marketing practices must become inclusive and prioritize a culture first lens.


Because culture and heritage are an important part of who we are and influence how as consumers we respond to advertising, media and make purchasing decisions. Those that do not adopt inclusive marketing practices today risk falling behind in building a trusting and long-lasting relationship with a consumer segment that will drive the US economy for decades to come.

Hispanic Star is honored to partner with Advertising Week feature Hispanic voices during Hispanic Heritage Month and beyond.

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