The Marketers Vaccine In the Post-Pandemic World

As the economy slowly reopens, this makes the role of marketers more important than ever. Agencies and brands alike will need to be bolder than ever and constantly challenging the old way of thinking because it no longer applies in the world we live in today and won’t be effective in the post-pandemic world. 

View from the NY Times: The Power of Podcast Trends

According to Edison, podcast listening has more than doubled since 2014, providing a massive opportunity for creativity, new talent and advertisers. But what does the future hold? By uncovering the podcasting trends of today, we can build for the audiences of tomorrow.

Keeping Up With 2020 – The Challenges Facing Brands

With events like the Australian wildfires, COVID-19, and BLM coming in waves, brands have had to become much more sensitive in their messaging. And, as new research conducted by datasine and Sapio discovered, this pivoting has not always been easy.