What Can Football Teach Us About CTV?

Football is back! And while empty stadiums, piped-in crowd noise, and last-minute postponed games are among the many notable differences this season, a positive change is in how many new ways you can tune in to watch your favorite team play.

Great Minds: Claudine Revere On A Life In Food

Claudine Revere’s love of hospitality stems from a childhood of enjoying family meals around the kitchen table filled with great food and lots of love. After managing several high profile restaurants and catering companies in New York City, Revere started Relish in October of 2001. Claudine’s vision for Relish was to create a catering and event planning company that worked with clients to create innovative events across a vast culinary landscape.

The Best Part Of Advertising History

25 years in advertising hasn’t been enough time for me to understand one of the biggest mysteries in our industry: Why do many companies spend millions on media, fees, salaries, research, or productions, just to be quickly forgotten? 

European Consumer Privacy Regulation: A Cautionary Tale for the U.S.

In France, we have an expression to describe institutional overreach: “To be more Royalist than the King.” That is an apt way to describe how CNIL–National Commission on Informatics and Liberty–has over-interpreted General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforcement in a way that has led to unintended consequences.