What’s in Store for Advertisers in the US Market in 2017

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A Foresight Factory Report 

To better predict what trends and behaviors will dominate and influence the industry market in the US in the coming year, Foresight Factory, one of the world’s leading independent trends agencies, examines a year’s worth of proprietary consumer research, runs a network of trend–spotters in the US to mine for intelligence, and compares its findings against third party sources to compile into an annual report.

As 2016 quickly nears its close, Foresight Factory’s “Trending 2017” report helps clients forecast trends that will guide consumer and commercial behaviors in the coming year and better help brands determine how to act.

As for the general “mood” for 2017, the report predicts it will be a year of “consumers empowering their on-and-offline lives, of brands seeking new, emotion-rich consumers, and of new technologies promising to augment consumer’s virtual and real world environments.” The report highlights key takeaways, such as action items and predictions, which are divided into several chapters categorized as Be, Buy, Feel, Believe and Transform.

Notable “Action” items throughout the report include investing in augmented emotional intelligence to better understand consumer moods, utilizing livestreaming to build genuine connections between streamer and viewer, and letting consumers “buy their way into calmness” after witnessing a surge in spending around relaxation fads in 2016. Another action item found that linking identity to payment transactions to streamline the process would better encourage consumer spend, noting that 52 percent of US consumers are interested in using their fingerprint to make purchases.

In summary, the report finds 2017 is “a good time to be alive” as trends such as average life expectancy see an uptick, while crises like world hunger and poverty see major movement downwards at a global level.

To see the full report and better examine the findings for 2017 trends, the extended report can be found at  www.foresightfactory.co/trending-2017-report-us-campaign/.

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