Are You Delivering a Fan-tastic Experience? Soundbites from Advertising Week

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Advertising Week returned to New York City for its fourteenth consecutive year, bringing together industry leaders and a collection of creatives, marketers and innovators to discuss the ecosystem’s biggest trends. Among the many workshops, case studies and interviews, PwC curated an entire day on the “Experience Economy”  — bringing together senior leaders from marketing, media and technology to discuss how the strategic focus on user experience is reshaping priorities for content, distribution, branding, measurement and consumer engagement across the marketing & media ecosystem. Here are just a few of the many highlights from PwC’s session:

Content enriched with context

Oath’s David Shing aka Shingy on moving beyond content and into the realm where content is not just curated but is enriched with context

David Shing, Oath 

Creating experience and emotion

Spencer Baim of Vice Media talks about how experience and emotion are at the center of VICE’s editorial and advertising strategy

Spencer Baim, Vice Media 

Measuring emotions

Jessica Azoulay VP Marketing Intelligence, Isobar on combining digital technologies with neuroscience techniques to measure users’ emotional and physical responses.

Jessica Azoulay VP Marketing Intelligence, Isobar

Creating Powerful Live Events

Pandora’s Karina Montgomery on how live events have become a powerful vehicle for driving consumer engagement and activation.

Karina Montgomery, Vice President of Sales Development, Pandora.

What were the biggest takeaways?  Creating experiences that, when delivered well, emotionally connect with audiences and transform users into something more — fans. Those fans in turn, reward brands with loyalty, amplification and ultimately, success. Interested in how creating fans can benefit your business, read this article from PwC’s Strategy+Business.

Hungry for more? Watch the full replay  or highlights of each session here.

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