CA at Advertising Week NYC 2017

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Advertising Week New York 2017 brought together leaders and luminaries across many different industries for a provocative discussion on the future of advertising. Alongside Facebook, Google, and Unilever, among many others, Cambridge Analytica was invited to share our insights on how data is transforming the advertising world today.

“Data is critical for advertising in today’s digital age, which is why Cambridge Analytica is a fitting partner for Advertising Week New York this year. I know attendees enjoyed hearing about Cambridge Analytica’s cutting-edge technology and predictive analytics tools” said Lance Pillersdorf, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Advertising Week.

Cambridge Analytica played a leading role at the four-day event. We kicked it off by hosting a panel on the intersection of data, digital, and TV, then later held a presentation on how to measure success in data science. Rounding out the week, we announced the launch of our new TV product: SelecTV.

Here are the full highlights from our time at Advertising Week.

A Star-Studded Panel on Data, Digital, and TV

Our lively panel brought together Dr. Oz, as well as top talent from Beiersdorf, A+E Networks, Socialfly,and Cambridge Analytica. Hosted by our CRO Duke Perrucci, the panel addressed how data and digital technologies are impacting television. Together, they provided deeper insights into how big brands, data-driven digital agencies, and networks are collaborating in today’s rapidly changing advertising environment.


  • Dr. Mehmet Oz, Heart Surgeon, Author, and TV Personality
  • Molly Schweickert, Global Head of Digital Marketing, Cambridge Analytica
  • Zvi Cole, Director of Integrated Media US, Beiersdorf
  • Lee Boykoff, Senior Vice President of Digital Analytics and CRM, A+E Networks
  • Stephanie Abrams Cartin, Co-CEO, Socialfly

► Watch the video.

Adobe Think Tank’s Interview with CA’s Global Head of Digital

Our Global Head of Digital Marketing, Molly Schweickert sat down with Adobe to discuss how we make our data-driven insights actionable and effective for digital ad campaigns. What follows is an illuminating interview on topics, like offline data, market research, and customer relevance.

► Watch the video.

How to Measure Success as a Data Scientist

In this workshop, CA Senior Data Scientist Robert Judith and Senior Project Manager Philippa Kennedy tackled one of the major questions when using data science. Watch as they explain how data scientists define model success, avoid common pitfalls, and choose the right metrics for better advertising results.

► Watch the video.

The Launch of SelecTV and What It Means for Brands

We also announced the launch of our new TV targeting product SelecTV.

“We’re really excited to be launching this service at Advertising Week New York, because addressable TV has finally reached a scale that has become very attractive to performance marketers,” said Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix. “It’s now in more than half of all 119.6 million U.S. TV homes, and it’s available in every U.S. market.”

SelecTV offers 100 percent target audience density through the one-to-one precision of addressable TV advertising. Using a well-established industry benchmark, CA estimates the value of complete target audience density to be an average 63 percent lift in incremental sales over and above age and gender targeting.

We are now able to streamline data and TV activation across all U.S. addressable TV platforms. In addition to being up and running in the U.S., CA’s SelecTV service is available in the United Kingdom. It will be rolled out to additional countries and markets over the coming months.

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