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The Best Murmurs of Advertising

‘Tis the season for mass consumerism, but it’s also the season where some brands take stock of what it means to be human and how their brand fits into those basic human conditions.

To Be the Best, Be Like Lego

This past week Lego announced some headwinds in sales and a 5% drop in revenue, but the power of the brand continues to hold a special place in consumers’ hearts.

Discovering My Personal Disneyland

The BMW Welt (translates to “BMW World”) is a magnificent multipurpose building opened 10 years ago in Munich, Germany to showcase BMW vehicles and welcome new customers from around the globe to the brand.

Create Culture, Don’t Just React to It

One of the most memorable lessons on “brand culture” I ever received didn’t come from an article, or a textbook, or an all-night strategy session. No, it happened very unexpectedly—on a day I stepped into Ralph Lauren’s flagship store on Madison Avenue to find a gift for a friend.