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How to Embrace the Changes Caused by COVID-19

Our recent research revealed that 84% of consumers surveyed in the US and UK think their behaviours and habits have already changed for the foreseeable in the light of COVID-19, and these changes go beyond online shopping habits.

A Direct to Consumer Strategy is Fit for the Future

Recent reports have even revealed D2C retailers have experienced a sales growth of up to 30% following the COVID-19 crisis. There’s really no sign of the industry slowing down, as D2C has rapidly become a popular, responsive and low-cost option for manufacturers.

The New Abnormal: Part Two

Part one of this series looked at how brands are reaching their customers in the “new abnormal” during the Coronavirus crisis. For part two, we’ll consider what brands must do to look after these customers and deliver an effective brand and user experience.

Adjusting to the New Abnormal

As the coronavirus crisis deepens, digital-first organisations have an opportunity to flourish, and we are committed to keeping the economy moving by sharing our expertise and helping businesses adjust to ‘the new abnormal’.