AW360Live: Millennials, the Working World, and Parenthood

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Today’s young professionals are not easily categorized. Millennials are launching into their careers and disrupting popular workplace conversations – anything from what’s acceptable to wear to the office, to their expectations for paid leave and employee benefits. One conversation, however, remains somewhat unspoken – parenthood.

Roughly 64 million millennials are expected to become parents in the next decade. Consider then that industries like advertising and marketing skew very young in terms of talent pools, what does that mean for these young workers and their careers? Furthermore, a recent study by the 3% Conference shows only 39 percent of advertising women in the survey were mothers, despite that nearly 80 percent of college educated women in the US are. This means industry women are choosing to forgo families for the sake of their careers.

On top of millennials fighting to break into the job market and women battling for gender equality and equal pay, millennial women are now having to also choose between having a career and having a family. In the year 2016, a time when the millennial generation is fundamentally redefining the modern workplace, why can’t we have both?

Moderator: Lisen Stromberg, COO, The 3% Movement/Author of Work Pause Thrive: How to Pause for Parenthood Without Killing Your Career


  • Nick Childs: Global Chief Creative Officer, Initiative
  • Patti Clark: Global Chief Talent Officer, Havas
  • Sedef Onar: Chief Talent Officer, 72andSunny


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