#AWChat: How Prebid.org & Open Source Will Shape the Ad Tech Landscape

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AW360, in conjunction with AppNexus, PubMatic, and Rubicon Project, held a Twitter chat on Thursday, January 11, to discuss.

Header bidding wrapper solutions emerged to make header bidding more efficient and were hot topics in 2017. For a quick review, a wrapper acts as a container of all the header tags that the publisher would like to use, making it easier for them to complete integrations.

Some wrapper solutions are built on open source technology, while others are proprietary. Today, we are here to talk about Prebid, the leading open source solution that enables publishers to quickly implement header bidding.

Q1: Where do you see Prebid shaping the industry in the upcoming year? 

Q2: How are @appnexus, @rubiconproject, and @pubmatic investing & innovating using the technology available with an open source community found in Prebid? 

Q3: What are PMCs within Prebid and how can they benefit publishers? 

Q4: What does a wrapper solution, using open source technology, offer that a proprietary solution does not? 

Q5: What is needed to grow the industry adoption of Prebid as the open source standard for wrappers? 

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