Does B2B Video Marketing Have to Look Like The 6 o’clock News?

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Five video leaders think it’s time to go beyond the talking head – and do more with moving pictures.

Video is one of the fastest-growing, most influential and potentially most important elements of B2B marketing today. It’s hugely versatile and can be hugely impactful: a creative content canvas that gives you more dimensions to play with than any other. But are we really making the most of that impact and versatility? Take a look at your social media feeds and you’ll find the answer. Far too much video marketing (and especially B2B video marketing) still looks like an episode of the 6 o’clock news.

At Advertising Week Europe this month, LinkedIn is joining forces with video pioneers to throw down a challenge when it comes to how brands and businesses integrate video into their marketing strategies. These are marketers who know that simply reading a script into a camera isn’t video marketing – that it’s not even scratching the surface of the value that video can add to for your strategy. We know that we can do better – and we’re ready for a no-holds barred conversation on what it takes for video to fulfill its potential.

Join us on Wednesday 21 March at 3.20pm on The Guardian Stage of Advertising Week Europe for Beyond the Talking Head – a heartfelt discussion of the state of video marketing and where we need to take it next.

You’ll hear from an expert panel who have proven what video is capable of in B2B. They’ve pushed the boundaries, tested, experimented – and they are ready to share stories, experiences and insights from the next phase of video:

  • Coco Masters, who as Chief Producer and Content Manager for Nissan, is leading on brand storytelling through video
  • Alex Cheeseman, Chief Strategy Officer at the video content agency Contented, and a master of telling it how it is when it comes to marketing
  • Vicky Chen, Head of Strategy for Vice, one of the most influential forces in video content today
  • Matt Wilson, Founder and CEO of Ball Street, and a pioneer of native video in the LinkedIn feed
  • Jason Miller, Global Content Marketing Leader, LinkedIn, Producer of The B2B Dinner for Five, and a man who’s determined to put quality video content in the hands of all B2B marketers

If you’re genuinely satisfied with the quality of video marketing out there; if you’re convinced that your brand has no need to experiment or try anything new when it comes to video content, then don’t bother with this session. I’m sure there’s a better way to spend 45 minutes at Advertising Week Europe.

If you want your video marketing to do more, we’ll see you there.

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