Blueprint Spotlight: Understanding Instagram Measurement Solutions

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Blueprint is a Facebook official global training program about marketing on Facebook and Instagram. The program is supporting agencies and brands across the globe to learn skills to get the most out of marketing platforms that Facebook offers.

Learn to drive business results with Instagram Ads in this workshop. We will explore how marketers can review their KPIs and deep-dive into some of the ways to use incrementality measurement through ‘lift’ solutions.

Incrementality measurement helps advertisers understand the true impact of their ads by connecting the dots from people-based marketing to business outcomes. Using randomized control tests, performance “lift” is calculated by comparing outcomes from two different groups of people: those who’ve been exposed to an ad or ad variable, and those who haven’t. The results help advertisers identify how much business value is driven by an isolated tactic, making them critical for determining which media investments are most effective. By isolating a variable such as creative or audience in experimental conditions, and then connecting it to business results, advertisers can determine effectiveness and shift budgets and tactics to improve future ad performance.

What You’ll Learn from This Session…

  1. How measurement can drive learning and business results
  2. Incrementality and Experimental Design
  3. Brand Lift Study and Conversion Lift Study

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