Cross Channel Optimization – Bringing the Online… Offline

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Ever since Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) pioneered its RADAR analytics suite, the Out-of-Home (OOH) industry’s first comprehensive behavioral targeting, cross-platform retargeting and attribution solution for advertisers, our medium has achieved a new level of cool among some of the most data savvy marketers.

By integrating with the very best in mobile location data, today’s OOH campaign planning tools offer insights about audiences like never before, helping brands understand how their customers behave in both an online and offline world. The data powering precise location and behavioral targeting which has made mobile advertising successful now enables OOH to offer highly-targeted and measurable ad campaigns; connecting brands with their customers in the moments that matter, and importantly, proving to marketers that they’re making the right choices with their advertising budgets.

At Clear Channel Outdoor, we’re evolving to meet brands’ enthusiasm and desire for new insights and data-driven decision making. On October 2nd at Advertising Week in New York 2018, I’ll share the latest thinking on how brands can reach their target consumers of today and tomorrow and how Clear Channel Outdoor continues to blend the new sciences of big data and machine learning with the lasting art of a visually stimulating creative canvas. What’s more, I’ll give Advertising Week audiences a sneak peek into the next big step forward for campaign measurement in OOH.

This fall, Clear Channel Outdoor will announce another industry first – an addition to the RADAR suite of solutions that enables brands to more deeply engage with their customers. Our new offering will enable advertisers to use anonymized RADAR mobile data, and, for the first time, include a brand’s first party data into OOH planning and measurement process. This nimble approach can help brands better plan their OOH campaigns by reaching and engaging with their most desired audience segments. Moreover, this will help marketers sync their audiences both online and offline to better plan, amplify and measure more effectively across platforms.

The days of a one-dimensional research report on “how we did” are long gone. Campaigns are a virtuous cycle, where the learnings from the previous campaign can help optimize the next one. I’m excited about these latest advancements and looking forward to sharing more about how brands can make these insights and strategies work for them. See you at Ad Week 2018!

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