Get Ready For Disruption: True Cross-Screen Addressable Advertising is Here

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The TV advertising ecosystem had to evolve to survive competition from digital alternatives, and it did. Part of that evolution was the birth of targeted TV advertising and the birth of addressable. Addressable TV advertising continues to rise in popularity, with marketers recognizing the value of audience targeting, efficient ad delivery, and the ability to serve an ad to a target audience at every stage of the marketing funnel, while also being able to attribute ROI to those touch-points.

As Addressable TV continues to grow in scale and adoption, the next phase is cross-screen addressable advertising. Hundreds of million of devices are used every day, and the people using those devices are accustomed to receiving ads on them. There is tremendous opportunity to scale this product and deliver integrated advertising campaigns to consumers at home and on-the-go.

Extending A Campaign from TV across screens

For both marketers and consumers, serving an ad in a relevant context is a better experience. Let’s say you’re a QSR chain promoting a new coffee flavor. You can first serve a TV ad addressably to a defined target audience. Then, once you know the target audience has been served the ad, you can serve the same target audience a coupon for $1 off (via their mobile device) coffee the next morning. This type of advertising just makes sense. You’re serving your ad to an engaged audience, and your audience saves some money.

Cross-Screen Addressable Advertising is Measurable

To build on the coupon example, marketers can directly attribute the redemption of the coupon to the mobile ad they received. This also provides an opportunity to measure the effectiveness of different tactics. A marketer could serve a portion of their target audience both the TV ad and the mobile coupon, and then serve a different segment only the mobile coupon. Likely, they’ll see the value of combining TV and mobile together. Either way, the results are easy to measure and provide valuable insights to the marketer.

AT&T Mobility Example

To give a real-life example, we recently announced the results of our cross-screen addressable advertising trials. We served addressable ads for AT&T’s mobility service to non-AT&T mobile subscribers.  The results were even better than expected! While seeing the addressable TV ad on its own resulted in a 19% sales lift, the sales lift was 27% when a consumer received the same addressable ad on both their TV and mobile devices.

Holy Grail of Advertising is Found

With cross-screen addressable advertising you can deliver the right ad to the right audience at the right time while measuring impact across screens.

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