Global Brand, Local Focus: Adidas

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Adidas partnered with Brooklyn’s Outdoor Advertising Colossal Media, and the Brooklyn Creator Farm to hire local Brooklyn artists for murals. The temporary murals were up until August 13th, in 10 locations around the Bushwick neighborhood. Eleven artists are listed as collaborators from each company to create art for the Adidas PureBOOST DPR shoe line.

As mentioned before, both in the Fashion section, and an interview with McCann Worldwide, the mantra for global brands must be locally focused to survive. The Bushwick PureBOOST DPR campaign raised a lot of questions.

  1. Was this a test run for a local campaign? Will Adidas being running creating something similar for other cities?
  2. In the press release for Bushwick, there is a linked articleabout Brooklyn Creator Farm’s expansion goals. Does this campaign foreshadow that possibility?
  3. Is the campaign doing double-duty has a promotion for both PUREBoost DPR and Brooklyn Creator Farm?

Kim Lash, senior manager of brand communications for men’s running at Adidas U.S. sent this response, proving yet again, garnering attention locally to promote globally is where it’s at:

“As a global brand, we are committed and connected to key cities. New York is at the core of our key cities strategy – it’s a launching pad to connect our consumers to our brand and to sports.  Brooklyn puts us at the ground level of creative culture.”

The Adidas Instagram shows the start of the PureBOOST campaign in Germany here, and with the Brooklyn Creator Farm in Brooklyn, it was a natural move for Adidas to showcase their shoe made for city running with local city artists.

“The success measurements of this campaign are first to support and promote PureBOOST DPR through grassroots awareness. The shoe is being sold worldwide, thus so we are looking to create local demand and then amplifying that local content virally.”

Kim adds, “Creativity is what fuels and differentiates Adidas – on the street, trail, track, field and court.  We seek to inspire through our products, our style, and in communities.”

Keep an eye on this one. The campaign will continue in more Adidas key cities, with Los Angeles coming up next. It will be exciting to see which agencies and artists Adidas engages with locally, and how the local art, urban running, and community awareness carry the Adidas brand.

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