Let’s Get It: Connecting with Millennials Through Purpose Driven Marketing

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As P. Diddy says in an empowering Ciroc advertisement, “The road to achieving your goal is never what you think it’s going to be.”

In order to grab millennials’ attention, brands are using authentic messaging through influencers. Ciroc took the genuine approach to the next level with their “Let’s Get It” campaign. In their videos, Ciroc uses influencers such as P. Diddy, stylist Ty Hunter and DJs and business owners Coco & Breezy. What’s specific about this campaign is these influencers talk about the journey and the hustle they have gone through to get to their success. Instead of producing a video that shows influencers successes, Ciroc uses dialogue to support the struggle these content creators go through.

According to Ryan Robertson, Brand Director at Diageo, the spirit that it takes to succeed is much more inspirational than the end result for millennials. Millennials are looking for inspiring, authentic stories, because they can look right through the phoniness of advertising, says Robertson. Ty Hunter, who has styled celebrities like Beyoncé, agrees with genuineness in story telling because what he does for promotion should line up with his own brand-realness.

P. Diddy embodies the entire spirit of “Let’s Get it,” because he chases his own culture for his authentic brand says Dia Simmons, President of Combs Wine & Spirits. Robertson says that P. Diddy’s success comes from his “relentless pursuit of excellence.” A great partner like P. Diddy allows Ciroc to own the message of celebrating the hustle. P. Diddy’s story of struggle hits the audience with an emotional, inspirational message and will connect with the audience on a larger level, according to Robertson.

Coco & Breezy believe that companies need to be willing to get out of their own ways and let content creators tell their own story. Luckily, Ciroc did just that. During their spot, Coco & Breezy did not have a script-they organically told their struggles of coming to New York with no money and developing their own brand. “We came to New York with nothing, just dream and motivation. We said, Let’s Get it!” Breezy says. Initially, they were both nervous about paring with Ciroc because the pair does not party; however, once they realized they were going to be able to inspire other millennials, they signed onto the project.  Additionally, Coco & Breezy embody the theme of “Let’s Get It” because of “kick-ass moments” in business are the moments they spend overcoming challenges together, says Simmons.  Working together, they go from a “me” to a “we” in order to achieve their goals. Robertson adds that Coco & Breezy also appeal to millennials because of their #squadgoals.

Ciroc’s “Let’s Get It” campaign is special because “getting it” shows they truly believe in their brand and message. Simmons says the purpose of the message is to scale the message of millennials’ voices not being heard. Mirroring the success of these content creators, the message shows the success of the Ciroc brand. Through narrating the struggle of creators, content can be the creator’s story instead of the brand’s story.

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