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Last year at Advertising Week in New York, I shared that just a few months earlier, Clear Channel Outdoor had launched the first nationwide private marketplace Out-of-Home (OOH) programmatic solution. This easy to use, dynamic solution truly gives the power of real-time biddable, measurable and optimizable OOH buying directly to brands and agencies.

Advertisers can now purchase digital OOH inventory (billboards, bus shelters and airport screens) through a cross channel, demand-side platform, the same one in-use to buy digital, mobile and other programmatically traded media.

What’s more, we continue to enhance our first-to-market private marketplace programmatic buying solution by bringing new inventory online. Our solution now includes nearly our entire digital billboard inventory offering coverage of more than 98 million adults monthly, and 43 million airports passengers monthly. That’s mass reach, in the real world, in real-time.

I’m excited to join my fellow industry experts on October 2 at Advertising Week to talk about how programmatic solutions are transforming the way media is purchased across mediums, shifting the balance of power to the buyers and giving them the ability to decide – more than ever before – when and where they want their ads to run. The way that Advertising Week is thinking about it is that we’re all giving more power to the people, in this case the ad people.

While it’s still early on, our programmatic business is building good momentum, helping attract new clients as well as spur renewed interest and extend partnerships with existing clients by transforming how OOH inventory is bought. In fact, I’ll share some recent success stories of some of the early adopter brands of our first to market OOH programmatic solution. Here’s a taste of what’s in store:

  • One nationwide telecom brand used Clear Channel Outdoor’s proximity targeted programmatic solution to reach consumers within 15 miles select stores. The creative featured strong messaging to spark consumer interest and prompt store visits.
  • In another instance, one of the nation’s big box vision centers turned to Clear Channel Outdoor to help its customers take advantage of insurance benefits due to expire at year’s end. Using Clear Channel Outdoor’s RADAR shopper audience data and our proximity targeted programmatic solution to reach new customers across 21 DMAs, we were able to drive incremental visits at a low cost per customer.

With two years of programmatic experience under our collective belt, I will also share with attendees some of our learnings to date – the dos and dont’s of maximizing the effectiveness of a brand’s OOH programmatic buy.

I can’t wait to join my peers in what promises to be an engaging and passionate exploration of the current and future state of “programmatic for the people” across all media. I’ll see you there!


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