Rock the Vote at the 2019 Madison Avenue Walk of Fame Awards!

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Advertising Week’s nominees for the 2019 Madison Avenue Walk of Fame Awards have arrived! Cast your vote for your favorite advertising icon and join us at #AWNewYork 2019 as we announce the two winners inducted into the Madison Avenue Walk of Fame!

Who will win? Will it be longtime icons like McGruff the Crime Dog or the Trix Rabbit? Will new characters, like Liberty Mutual’s LiMu Emu and Doug or Progressive’s Motaur, rise up to take the win? Will Bud Light’s Bud Knight triumph? Every vote counts — and you never know who might emerge the winner!

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite brand slogan, too! From Aldi to Pepsi, vote for the brand slogan that had the greatest impact in 2019.

The last day to vote is Wednesday, September 18th, so start rocking the vote now!

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  1. Elsie is the most recognizable brand in America. Since I was young that cow has been synonymous with outstanding milk and dairy products. That friggin Cow relays Quality, Excellence and great memories.

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