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As an advertiser, you have surely considered digital audio for your brand, but how do you measure the impact of a campaign when it runs on streaming audio or the latest hot podcast? How do you know which metrics and results are target campaign goals – especially in your specific industry?

That’s what leading audio and entertainment company Entercom and marketing expert Claritas have teamed up to bring you with their new industry benchmarks guide, “DELIVERING AUDIO SUCCESS: Industry Trends in Streaming Audio & Podcast Performance.

Entercom and Claritis analyzed 85 streaming audio and podcast campaigns to reveal these campaign effectiveness benchmarks. This resulting real-world review offers tactical strategies for goal-setting, measurement methodologies, and key industry benchmarks, so you can plan, execute, and evaluate the success of your next audio marketing campaign. Industries included in the report span ecommerce, education, entertainment, financial services, gambling, and subscription sales, as well as the following sample case study in life insurance:


With a longer sales cycle, life insurance providers typically want to expand measurement to include web conversions. The goal is often to drive ad-exposed audiences to complete a website form, such as a request for a quote.

Key Metric: Average Cost per Conversion: $25.35 per web conversion

Life Insurance Case Study: A national life insurance provider ran a multi-market streaming audio campaign that drove RADIO.COM listeners to request an online quote from the website. The cost per web conversion was $9. The campaign also directly drove hundreds of completed insurance applications, outperforming the client’s typical digital marketing results.

When you understand the dynamic nature of the customer journey through digital audio platforms, and the most effective ways to inspire listeners’ actions and measure your results, you can make better-informed decisions about investing in this powerful resource.

So make the sound choice for your brand’s success – click here to download the full study and start converting those streaming audio and podcast listeners into website visitors who can become your loyal customers.

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