NYI: Highlights from AW2020

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By Advertising Week

We at Advertising Week are proud to bring you these two panels featuring our amazing partners at New York Interconnect. NYI offers advertisers a seamless, integrated solution to reach more than 6.4 million households in the largest advertising market in the country. 

Navigating Through a Pandemic: Every Brand has a Story

The marketing and advertising industries have their finger on the pulse of what is happening in our culture. The onset of a global pandemic changed the needs, habits, and behaviors of consumers practically overnight. In addition to the abrupt changes of day-to-day reality regarding health concerns and new societal norms, all lines of business were forced to reassess plans for 2020 as ad spends and strategies were pulled back (or bulked up) and tonality was retooled.

New York Interconnect’s CEO, Ed Renicker brings together leaders in the industry to cover the immediate impacts to their own organizations and discuss how they are still successfully navigating the implications of this pandemic across the changing landscape. 

Stephanie Sherman, SVP of Marketing at Draft Kings sheds light on the major shift in marketing strategies that were necessary once the world of sports began to shut down.

Ramon Soto, SVP Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Northwell Health explains how the spike in New York was much worse than the originally anticipated, and the steps taken immediately to ensure confidence and hope in the community. 

Ken McCallum, Vice President and Media Director – Automotive at Mediahub Global explains how the shutdowns in tentpole sporting events shifted the media strategy immediately for auto clients and how his team worked to create new messaging that was relevant while still being thoughtful and on tone. 

Moving the Industry Forward: New York Takes the Lead

The TV media buying world was already experiencing an evolution with the definition of TV expanding to include all screens when it was further complicated by the events of 2020. How, from a business standpoint, does the media buying industry build back up? Just as New York was the first hit in the country, the New York market is also the first to rise and it’s already leading the way back to prosperity.

Moderated by Charlene Weisler of Weisler Media, this conversation takes a stance on how the pandemic has really affected businesses in so many different ways from internal strategies to shifted consumer behavior – watch and learn how permanent these changes really are or are not.

New York Interconnect’s Mike Minardi talks about how New York is far from dead and even those that have decided to leave the city center have stayed within the Tri-State area and market – the spike in local TV viewership across all screens and what that means for the future of TV/OTT marketing. 

Linda Ranieri Group Director, Digital Performance and Media at Team One sheds light into how quickly Lexus was able to pivot their strategy especially in the New York market and the new strategies implemented immediately to address shifts in consumer buying behavior.

Danielle DeLauro, EVP at VAB walks through how the shelter in place order early on caused family members spanning generations to be stuck at home together, allowing for accelerated trials via different platforms and channels, and how open minded viewers were to trying new TV tech and features and of course the rise of streaming. 

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