Tag: #AWAsia2017

How to Build a Modern Masterbrand

Nick Licence sat down with fellow Dentsu leaders Moensie Rossier and Koichi Yamamoto as they attempt to have a “realistic” fireside chat and discuss the Modern Masterbrand at Advertising Week Asia. “Modern Masterbrand” is a process Dentsu created to help brands becomes the master of their company.

Global Players: A Conversation with Jean Lin

As Global CEO of Isobar, one of the most prominent full-service digital agency networks in the world, Jean oversees more than 6,000 digital marketing professionals across 70+ locations in over 45 markets around the world.

Big Data and Research in AgriTech

To help farming productivity, Hiroshi-san founded an agricultural platform, LEAP. Hiroshi-san is joined on the stage Hiroto Kitagawa, the CEO of Plant Data, and Hiroyoshi Iwata, Associate Professor at the Laboratory of Biometry and Bioinformatics at the Tokyo University.

Digital UX: We Need to Create Together for Consumers

Masanobu Eric Matsunaga, Partner, PwC Digital Lead, PwC Consulting LLC, with a background in playing music professionally, made some important analogies to playing music and understanding the digital-user experience.

Love. It’s What Makes a Subaru a Subaru

In Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, President & CEO, Subaru Corporation’s keynote speech, he presented the case for building a brand personality through marketing.