The State of Mobile Data Usage in Japan

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Nielsen shareed their data with the AWAsia audience and forecasted the future of digital usage, and applications of the data shared. Currently the growth percentage of new mobile users is slowing down greatly, and any new users to the market are generally teens. MVNO usage is up over laptop internet usage, and gaining. Satoshi Imada, Senior Analyst at Nielsen Digital Co., Ltd. states that Nielsen’s research shows that in Japan, among those on MVNO, Google and Gmail usage is up by a marginal gap over others, mostly because it is installed as a default on mobile devices.

Measure of users with smartphones in demographics shows that the age range of 50-60 year olds still have room for growth, but other than that PC usage will continue to go down. Nielsen digs into why the 50+ age range of users still use PC for internet usage instead of mobile, to see what mobile can do to fill that gap. According to the data found, the 50+ age range uses mobile for social media, but will still use a PC for research, such as travel information or purchase information. Research shows the PC users like to see the bigger screen and the multiple tabs while they’re doing their research.

On average, mobile users only use 10 applications more than 10 times a month. Using log-in based data, in almost all categories only one application is used. For example, in social media network applications, 48% will only log into a single social media network. However, we have found that the user that uses the app for the social media log-in, uses the social media network for longer periods than users that log in via browser. Polarization is happening between browser and application. Users who use apps tend to only use apps, users who prefer browser, tend to always use browsers.

In the image above, Nielsen shows data based on ages 18-20, and divided into gender usage of application on mobile and log-in data for SNS.

While the TV and on-demand movie usage rate for the USA is at 50%, in Japan it is at 14% and still growing. Nielsen says that including mobile and on-demand movie branding is becoming more important for corporations as all sectors in mobile are expected to increase.

Watch the entire panel, “Digital Trends 2017” with Advertising Week Asia Replay here.

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