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Rethink the Value of a Customer’s Email Address

Email is a valuable channel for building direct relationships with consumers to reach them with relevant experiences in the inbox and across channels. Marketers looking to drive personalization in ways that have a direct and long-term impact on their company’s bottom line should rethink the value of a customer’s email address. 


AW360 Live Podcast: a4 on Addressable TV

a4 were the first to market in the addressable TV space back in 2011, and their philosophy is simple: if you’re going to target the right audiences for your brand you need to have high quality, accurate data.

AW360 Live Podcast: a4 on Political Digital Advertising

The current 2020 digital political prediction from numerous sources is currently sat around $3bn dollars, a figure expected to rise north of $5bn by the mid 2020’s. That’s according to Jordan Lieberman, Vice President of Sales at a4.


AW360 Live Podcast: Rick Maturo, Nielsen Cannabis Practice

There’s been an explosion of CBD related products burst onto the market, much of which is being tracked and analyzed by Nielsen. It’s effect on consumers was the subject of discussion with Rick Maturo, Associate Director of Nielsen’s Cannabis practice.


Discovery: The Power of Influence

Content, influence and the Zeitgeist of our time, could have been another name for the session exposed by Andoni Zarrabe and Luisa Montaño of Discovery Networks during Advertising Week New York, where the role of content in consumers’ purchasing decisions was our main concern.