The 10 Best Cities for Gamers

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Whether on the go or on your TV, the $36 Billion a year industry is rapidly becoming the entertainment standard that all others aspire to be. Gaming is everywhere, but where’s the best place to be if you’re a gamer yourself? A recent WalletHub survey gives a look at 2018’s Best Cities for Gamers. WalletHub analyzed things like internet speed, number of arcades and video game stores per city, and smartphone ownership. The results are fascinating.

As many would expect, Seattle, Washington, tops the list at #1. No surprise there, given Seattle is a hotbed of gaming technology and innovation. Sporting a roster of nearly 100 top-tier gaming development and publishing firms, including Valve, Nintendo, Microsoft, 343 Industries, Big Fish, PopCap, Bungie, WildTangent, and many more, Seattle is the place to be if you’re a gamer or looking to work in the industry.

Here’s the full top 10 based on Gaming Environment, Internet Quality & Coverage and, Gamer & Developer Opportunities.

You can find out more information and even more statistics by going to WalletHub. Did your city make the list?

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