The Agency Behind 9 Emmy-Nominated Show Campaigns Shares its Favorite Moments

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Emmy announcements are officially out and LA-based created campaigns for 9 nominated shows. We asked the team members behind these campaigns about their fondest memories from being part of Emmy-worthy content:

When They See Us
My favorite piece for our When They See Us campaign is a supercut showing off the range and skill of Jharrel Jerome and Niecy Nash. The level of emotion, truth and power in their performances as Korey & Delores Wise helped convey how incarceration not only affects the person in prison but their families as well. (Clement, Social)

Some battles simply can’t be won. Catch 22 revolves around the idea of the vicious never ending cycle of trying to alter situations that cannot be changed. With this in mind, we developed my favorite A/V creative that brings the story to life through repetition, circular motion, and moments that evoke the feeling of frustration and confusion. In life, it is the concept that everyone can resonate with when we find ourselves being caught in the loop that we sometimes can’t figure out how to escape. There’s only one catch and that’s CATCH 22. (Monchaya, Creative)


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That’s some catch… Stream #Catch22 May 17 on @hulu.

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Russian Doll
We’ve got layers people. Or at least the badass animation we made of Natasha Lyonne as a Russian Nesting doll did. Did I mention that we got to burn it, break it and blow it up in 3D over and over (to the song Crimson and Clover no less)? What is there not to love about this video? In the words of our @RussianDoll twitter account, we “feel a lot of parallels with this resurrection thing.” (Emily, Process)

Dead to Me
Female roles in TV can feel very similar, possibly because 3 out of every 4 television writers are men. One of the things that made Dead To Me feel so fresh is the fact that, because it’s written by women, the main characters Jen & Judy do things we don’t usually see women doing in TV shows — like saying no, repeatedly and decisively. We decided to package the best of these defiant moments as a supercut to show Dead To Me’s fans that life isn’t something they’re obligated to blindly accept. (James, Strategist)

BoJack Horseman
The magic of BoJack Horseman’s Twitter presence is that it’s purely BoJack’s voice in all of his unfiltered, snarky, typo-ridden glory. My favorite part of BoJack’s Season 5 campaign was our extremely long tweet thread of BoJack live-tweeting every single episode of the show in real time. It took a lot of effort to make sure the tweets were perfectly timed to corresponding moments in the episodes, but the fan response from those binging and tweeting along with us made it all worth it. (Rekha, Social)

Nailed It
All achievements should be celebrated, but so should some failures. With these series of Achievement/Failure Awards, we celebrated what went wrong (or absolutely right) with highlighted cakes from Season 3 of Nailed. With these pieces, we were able to capture the hesitance, or confidence, of the baker before presenting their masterpiece replica, and crowning it with an award worthy of sitting atop their mantle. The Achievement/Failure Award series indeed highlighted the show’s title — “Nailed It!” (Chris, Creative)


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Who watched the Marvel episode?

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The beauty of GLOW is that it not only brings visibility to women from all different walks of life, but the cast of women itself supports one another on another level. The slot machine is my favorite piece of our campaign so far as it works with the Vegas motif of the upcoming 3rd season while also showcasing that being a woman in any industry is difficult, and you often have to try your luck. (Sarai, Social)


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The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are taking Vegas, baby! Season 3 of GLOW arrives August 9.

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My favorite piece of content created for the Season 2 campaign of Ozark was a memorial video for a character who died that season (spoiler alert!). This character is beloved, and it was great to put together a mix of his most memorable moments that perfectly balanced drama and humor. The team behind the Ozark campaign was overjoyed to see it get so many well deserved nominations, especially for the under-appreciated Laura Linney and Julia Garner. (Lauren, Social)

Orange Is The New Black
Season 5 of OITNB pushed fans to the edge of their seats, leaving them with so many unresolved questions. So we did what any reasonable creative agency would do…we told them nothing. In my favorite spot from the Season 6 campaign, “Collect Call,” we find our girls frantically reaching out to friends and relatives in search of answers. The live-action shoot utilized a circular track that was then seamlessly inter-cut to create the dizzying feeling that ultimately left viewers with even more anticipation for the upcoming season. (Matt D., AV)

Check out the full list of nominations here.

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