The Future is Data

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Today big agencies seem to bet on Data as the tool that feeds innovation and creativity, but when we talk about it most of us are still perplexed. That is why we spoke with Federico Isuani, CEO of the Mexican agency Beker/Socialand, which has just become the first agency to implement Oracle in Latin America, marking the statement of Data as the present and future of the industry. 

AW360: We understand that you will implement Oracle, the first DataLake in agencies, what does that mean? 

Federico IsuaniThat’s right, together with Oracle we have started to assembly the first integral system for structuring and storage information, property of the agency.   

This means that in a few months we will no longer depend on tools for information management, having direct access to global data repositories: social network history of our customers and all their competitive set, government statistical data, geo segmented info, climate, pace of sales, performance of media campaigns, AI engines (Watson, Einstein) etc… Acquiring the ability to mix them in the way we need directly. 

For the first time we will have the flexibility that no other advertising agency has, and we can also become those who generate useful information for customers and industry, without dependence on anyone outside. 

AW360: What advantage does this gives brands and agency? 

FI: Definitely major paradigm shifts in the modern era of advertising: 

For clients, the fact that we have direct access to this information (and its interpretation), which is almost impossible for them today, means that more than an “Agency” we are now an information partner that can not only interpret the objectives more accurately but also that there are times when we can brief the client about what they need to develop in terms of communication at a particular moment or strategy.   

For the agency, it means the possibility of having a new and innovative source of insight generation that at the same time is supported by real data, and where for the first time we can begin to have sustainable attribution models on the impact on customer results. 

AW360: A few years ago, we started talking about data within the industry, at that time many customers and agencies knew little or nothing about the subject, how far have we advanced in terms of data within the industry? 

FI: If we are honest, the industry has made very little progress in this direction so far, primarily due to the denial of the traditional method of strategic-creative thinking, which denied the world of bits and bytes. 

We understand that this innovation called into question many traditional methods of creative inspiration and even served as an exceptional new form of creative auditing, which was very difficult for most advertisers to accept…. But this has changed substantially in recent years due to the support that data is having from clients, who are gradually forcing agencies to incorporate this not only as a capability, but as the core of everything they do to ensure full compliance with the proposed business results. 

AW360: What is missing as an industry or what is the next data step? 

FI: We believe that when creativity already understands data as one of its greatest inspirations, we will see a significant increase in the achievement of tangible results within clients.  

This will need a shift not only in the agencies’ current investment priorities (a possibility is less investment in festivals and awards and more in infrastructure, resulting in more relevant and successful cases) but also in a change in the “Creative Ego” where they are willing to accept the data as the real auditor of creative performance…  

AW360: Like the chicken and the egg, what comes first, data or creative idea? 

FI: Definitely data: It is always there, and the opportunity or necessity is to order it. This is an incredible basic input for creative thinking, which will then be put to data revision from the results obtained, and which will generate new strategies and ideas by assembling the new Great Virtuous Circle of communication. 

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