This Week’s Perspective: Farrah Storr

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There has never been a more exciting yet challenging time to be a working woman. The opportunities are abundant, but the 24/7 demands of the digital, real-time, working world can be completely overwhelming. I know it because just like you, I’m living it! My remarkable guests, each have their own story and path and are an inspiration to all of us. — Katie Kempner

And now, a few words from Farrah Storr, Editor of Cosmopolitan UK.

What was one moment where you thought to yourself, “Wow I have a cool job…”?

Probably when I sat front row at the Chanel show in Paris. Definitely one of those “pinch me” moments. And after my Ted Talk, which at the time was terrifying, but then as soon as I’d done it, I wanted to do it all over again.

What is one trait you have that you pride yourself on?

Tirelessness – which in turn can make me a little tiresome  to be around sometimes I imagine.

What are three “power words” to live by?

Typical breakfast?

Breakfast should never be ‘typical’! I change it every day – seriously, it’s the high point of my day. I’m currently working my way through the entire menu at 26Grains in Covent Garden.

Who is one woman in business you look up to and why?

I admire any self-made woman. And the humbler the place they start from the more I admire them. I have a lot of time for Sara Blakely. Mainly because she started Spanx with just $5000 in her pocket. But also because she saves me every time I have a party to go to.

What does having a balanced life mean for you?

Making sure I’m smiling as much as I’m frowning. On average I’m winning.

What inspires you?

What was your biggest failure and what did you learn from it?

I had a job I hated when I lived in Australia. I kept thinking it would get better but all that happened was that it started to change the colour of how I saw the world. I stayed nine months, which was about four months too long. If you’re miserable don’t think it will get better. Start making plans to get out.

What is one piece of advice that’s helped guide you through your life and/or career?

Favorite cocktail?

Mojito royal or French Martini.

Be sure to see Farrah on stage in London during Advertising Week Europe from 20 – 24 March!


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