This Week’s Perspective: Kat Gordon

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There has never been a more exciting yet challenging time to be a working woman. The opportunities are abundant, but the 24/7 demands of the digital, real-time, working world can be completely overwhelming. I know it because just like you, I’m living it! My remarkable guests, each have their own story and path and are an inspiration to all of us. — Katie Kempner

And now, a few words from Kat Gordon, Founder and CEO of The 3% Conference.

3% Conference NYC, Day1, 3Nov2016, Manhatten Centre, NYC, NY, photographer Bronac McNeill

What motivates you?

Calling out injustice or brokenness in the world. Once I think something could be better, I simply cannot shut up about it. And I’m a big-time noticer. I notice everything.

What’s your proudest work moment?

Hard to pick just one. Winning AdColor’s “Change Agent Award” in 2015 was a huge honor because I so appreciate the responsibility inherent in winning an award like that. I also got very teary at the closing of our 5th Annual Conference when my team surprised me with a #thankskat tribute video with cameos from so many industry leaders. There was also a moment of true pride and reflection this past summer when the entire 3% team was gathered in Toronto for our first Canadian MiniCon. We went for dinner atop the CN Tower and the combination of the stunning views outside and the circle of faces around our table made me deeply proud and thankful.

What are three “power words” to live by?

Best piece of advice for someone starting their career today?

Be insatiably curious. Learn everything you can, ask questions, develop relationships. School was a prescriptive environment: learn this, take this test. Work is different and rewards those who take risks and never stop wondering and contributing.

What’s your favorite movie?

Rear Window. I saw it for the first time when I was 17 and have seen it at least ten times since then. I even took my teenage son to see it at a vintage movie theater during a Hitchcock Film Festival. That movie has everything: plot, intrigue, romance, Greenwich Village backdrop, amazing cast (Jimmy Stewart, Grace Kelly, Raymond Burr). I suppose the reason I love it is that Jimmy Stewart’s character was a noticer… like me.

Are you a) the “sleep with your phone next to your bed in case of important work email” type, or b) work stops the minute I set foot iside the door at home?

a), aspiring to be a b).

What inspires you?

Who are some of the women in the industry you admire?

Tiffany Warren, Nancy Hill, Susan Credle, Carol H. Williams, Colleen DeCourcy, Madonna Badger, Wendy Clark, Judy John, Cindy Gallop, Heidi Hackemer, Nancy Vonk, Janet Kestin.

What is one piece of advice that’s helped guide you through your life and/or career?

Favorite Cocktail?

Bailey’s Irish Cream, on the rocks. Always a double.

3% Conference NYC, Day2, 4Nov2016, Manhatten Centre, NYC, NY, photographer Bronac McNeill



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