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By now we know that consumers are cutting the cord, and consuming content from new digital video sources. Video is used by everyone, everywhere, on nearly every screen and is hugely stimulating to consumers. With the rise of advertising automation, programmatic trading and data-driven advertising, the way ads are bought and sold has been revolutionized. These new digital ad technologies, integrated with video creates a highly engaging medium for brands to connect with consumers.

So which screens are next? From the mainstay television screen, to the laptop or tablet device, to a consumer’s mobile phone; these screens have been disrupted over the past year and will continue to see change as we head into 2017. What digital advertising lessons from digital will be carried over to TV, out-of-home, or even to cinema? And how are the technical infrastructures, business models and the supply/demand dynamics outside digital fundamentally different from digital ad trading? We’ve identified five essential points for both publishers and brands to keep in mind as they strategize on video advertising plans for 2017.

Mobile Is King. Publishers, advertisers and app developers alike should look to leverage a platform that is purpose-built for the mobile ecosystem, supporting every format of mobile video advertising. This means including op-ins for users, rewarded, native, expandable, interstitial, pre/mid/post-roll, and outstream content. And of course the latest innovation in video: vertical.

Out of Home Video Networks Matter. And are not to be overlooked! Cross-platform targeting creates a more relevant consumer journey and greater brand awareness. While mobile may reign, advertisers cannot forget about the importance of thoughtful engagement across digital billboards, movie screens, elevators and more. Not only does it offer more opportunities to reach a different and unique audience exactly where they are, it presents a chance to be endlessly creative with what you deliver to catch their eye.

The fastest route between two points is a straight line. Saving time and eliminating arduous steps is crucial when working in an upfront scenario. For advertisers looking to plan, discover and activate media, workflow automation is crucial. Simplifying and streamlining the process by integrating planning with billing systems not only saves time for advertisers, but for everyone in the ecosystem. Our partners, like MediaOcean, Strata and Ad Dazzle, leverage our system for a seamless end-to-end transaction that integrates all cross-channel advertising into one convenient hub.

Tear Down This Wall. Membership may have its perks, but not when it comes to programmatically trading ads across multiple platforms. Open access platforms help accelerate transactions and create a centralized platform for buyers and sellers alike. Both are able to innovate within the marketplace, expand on opportunities and build on the pre-existing Exchange API stack.

Deja Video All Over Again – While linear television advertising may not be the behemoth it once was, the lessons that we can learn from its trajectory are more relevant than ever. Just as upfront buying became synonymous with TV, so too will it be with digital. There will be a seismic shift in 2017 in favor of upfront buying, to allow advertisers access and the opportunity to lock in premium inventory assets, and then strategically allocate them through the year.

Heading in 2017 will be all about streamlining internal advertising channels, while strategically optimizing the numerous video platforms that have taken over the consumer experience. And as those viewing habits continue to diffuse, we have to not only be ready for, but anticipate, these shifts in buying that won’t be measured yearly, but, by the minute.

As new and emerging technologies are quickly digested and adopted, the gap between seismic disruptions in the industry will continue to shorten, giving way to a more creative, agile and broader-thinking ecosystem.

Be sure to check out “We Know What You Like To Watch: Video Expands Its Reach” Monday, Sep 26, 2016 at Advertising Week.

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