10 Amazingly Creative Instagramming Brands

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There’s no denying that Instagram’s rise in popularity in recent years has encouraged brands of all sizes to up their creative game, to varying degrees of success. Though there are many, many brands out there that raise the bar for creating above and beyond the norm, here are the 10 we think are absolutely killing it on Instagram right now:

1. Sharpie

Sharpie’s Instagram account truly allows you to see what you can do with the product. Many posts are motivational and others are simply beautiful. The account also posts drawings made from Sharpies for holidays and other seasonal events.

2. Divinity LA Bracelets

With a tropical and summery vibe, Divinity LA Bracelets’ posts have a way of drawing you to the beauty of the bracelets without being in your face. When scrolling through their page it’s easy to forget you’re looking at an account that’s promoting a product.

3. RedBull

Red Bull’s Instagram posts are very fascinating. The majority of posts are videos and showcase people engaged in extreme sports, showing the audience that drinking Red Bull gives you the potential to achieve anything.

4. GoPro

GoPro’s account features beautiful scenery from around the world. It very simply conveys that if you are going on a trip or adventure, the best way to capture the amazing sights you will see is on a GoPro.

5. Oreo

Extremely pleasing to the eye, Oreo’s Instagram account is very cohesive. It features celebrity endorsements, close up shots of the product, and holiday-themed posts. The pictures pop out at you with bright colors, making each and every post stand out.

6. Adobe

On Adobe’s Instagram, no photo is like another. All of the posts are brightly colored and showcase extremely fascinating images. The posts are organized by color, which makes scrolling through their feed incredibly satisfying and entertaining.

7. Charity:water

Charity:water’s account is unique in that it truly allows you to see the work the company does firsthand.The business aims to bring clean water to people on a global scale, and its Instagram allows you to see the impact the company has by showcasing the people around the world that it has provided with clean water.

8. Best Buy

Best Buy’s Instagram is very color-coordinated, primarily featuring blue, yellow, and neutral colored photos. The photos are captivating and sometimes humorous, and often feature a Best Buy product in a very interesting setting.

9. Buzzfeed Tasty

Buzzfeed Tasty not only showcases high-quality images of food, but actually shows you how to create it. Unlike most Instagram accounts focused on food, Buzzfeed Tasty truly connects the audience with its content.

10. Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s Instagram is heavily focused on creativity. Many posts are drawings of Taco Bell’s products, and others feature the food in a unique setting. Additionally, the posts are brightly colored and really pop out at you.



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