5 Companies That Aren’t Verified on Twitter But Should Be

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In this day and age, it often seems like anyone and everyone is verified on Twitter. While it may appear that way, there are still several noteworthy companies that have yet to receive that blue check.

1. J. Walter Thompson (JWT_Worldwide)
An incredibly well-known global marketing and communications brand, it’s a wonder that J. Walter Thompson has yet to become verified. With over 87,000 followers and close to 7,000 tweets, the company is very active on Twitter. Additionally, JWT frequently interacts with popular and verified companies such as Ad Age.

2. Ipsy (@ipsy)
Ipsy is a super popular brand on Twitter with well over 600,000 followers. The company, which provides subscribers with personalized beauty-centric “Glam Bags” every month, has grown into a very successful business the last several years. Especially popular among the young, social-media-loving demographic, it definitely makes sense for Ipsy to become verified.

3. Morton Salt (@mortonsalt)
Around since the 1800’s, it’s hard to believe that Morton Salt is not a verified company on Twitter. It’s especially mind-boggling considering how popular the products are and how active the account is on Twitter; it tweets practically every single day. We think it’s safe to say that Morton Salt deserves verification.

4. Surface Magazine (@SurfaceMag)
Surface Magazine is a US-based global contemporary design publication. The company has been around since 1993 and covers everything from architecture to fashion to travel. With a very active website, over 42,000 Twitter followers, and even a verified Instagram account, it would be logical for Surface to be verified on Twitter as well.

5. Diff Eyewear (@diffeyewear)
Diff Eyewear, a charitable sunglass brand, has been around for a few years, but has drastically risen in popularity recently through partnerships with a countless number of celebrities. Diff has become a more well-known brand by using social media. It is by far most popular on Instagram, but becoming verified would allow the company to utilize Twitter just as successfully.

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