7 Brands with the Most Hilarious Tweets

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When it comes to social media marketing, the best way to be successful is often through humor. These eight companies nail it, whether it be by sending snarky replies or using what’s happening in the world around us as a way to promote themselves.

1. Taco Bell (@tacobell)

Taco Bell’s very active and super popular Twitter account is loaded with humorous content. It finds ways to incorporate eating Taco Bell into practically every aspect of your life, from celebrating your birthday to going to the movies. It also does a great job of promoting new products and making them look super appealing through gifs and brightly colored animations.

2. Delta (@delta)

Like any airline, Delta’s main purpose on social media is to provide customer service, however, Delta has really utilized Twitter as a way to stand out as well. Delta posts a lot of humorous content and always stays up to date on what people are talking about online. It makes sure to tweet about every random holiday in the book and each new Snapchat filter, and finds a way to promote itself in the process.

3. DiGiorno Pizza (@DiGiornoPizza)

DiGiorno Pizza’s overarching message on Twitter is that you need pizza at all times. Like many other successful Twitter accounts, it uses topics that are currently being discussed on social media to get the word out about their product. Utilizing trending hashtags, it ensures that its tweets are reaching the largest audience possible.

4. Wendy’s (@Wendys)

Wendy’s constantly uses Twitter to promote its newest seasonal products, and it does a great job of making promotional tweets, which could be extremely dull, much more creative and hilarious. By incorporating humor, bright colors, and seasonal elements, it really makes itself stand out amongst competitors.

5. Old Spice (@OldSpice)

Old Spice frequently uses amusing videos in order to draw people in. The tweets attached to these videos are hysterical and convince you to watch the videos and then buy the product. While simultaneously utilizing traditional advertising and poking fun at it, Old Spice doesn’t take itself too seriously, which allows it to better connect with customers.

6. Charmin (@Charmin)

Charmin stands out on Twitter not only by being hilarious, but also by saying things that no one else would dare to say publicly. In an industry that can be deemed super personal (often too personal to talk about), Charmin makes people feel more comfortable discussing about its products, which makes people more interested in buying them.

7. Skittles (@Skittles)

Skittles does an excellent job of coming up with its own hilarious content, and also generating hysterical replies back to customers. It is successful in many different areas, from using holidays as a way to creatively promote its product, to connecting with customers on a personal level and getting them excited about Skittles.

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