7 YouTube Ads We Definitely Wouldn’t Skip

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever skipped an ad on YouTube. Now raise your hand if you regularly skip the ads on YouTube. Odds are good you just raised your hand twice, or at least thought about it. Just like the good old FFWD button on your DVR remote, YouTube has been mostly generous when it comes to allowing us to get to the content we want, advertisers be damned.

But what if the ads we’re skipping are actually good?

Here are 7 ads that we feel Pass the Skip Test – spots so good they’re probably more entertaining than the funny cat video you clicked from social media, and they’re definitely worth a watch.

1. Apple: iPhone 7 Plus | Barbers


When Apple launched the iPhone 7 Plus, with it came an ad that really showcases the phone’s amazing capabilities. The ad actually utilizes the product, showing viewers how clear and professional photos taken on the phone truly look. This ad is definitely likely to entice someone to buy the product.

2. Budweiser: This Bud’s for 2 | Derek Jeter Number Retirement 

Budweiser’s recent ad honoring Derek Jeter’s retirement is incredibly dramatic and easily grabs your attention. It focuses little on the product itself and much more on Derek Jeter as well as the city of New York. Budweiser does an excellent job of genuinely appealing to people and not shoving their business down your throat.

3. Nike’s ad with female Arab athletes 

As always, Nike is continuing to nail its advertising. Targeting Middle Eastern women, and women in general, this ad conveys that no matter what setbacks you face in life, you are capable of achieving anything, and Nike can assist in making that happen.

4. Microsoft: Introducing the new Surface Pro 


High-tech and fast-paced, Microsoft’s ad for its new Surface Pro is sure to capture your attention. It emphasizes the stark comparisons between the new model and the previous ones, encouraging current customers to purchase the new product. The ad showcases incredibly innovative technology, which will surely attract many new customers as well.

5. Audi #DriveProgress Big Game Commercial – “Daughter” 


Audi’s big ad from the 2017 Super Bowl is not your typical car commercial. It is intense, emotional, and addresses the fears that parents, and all people, may currently be experiencing. The ad ends with a feeling of hope for the future, inspiring young girls and women to go out into the world and be the best they can be.

6. The New York Times’ “The Truth is Hard” 

The New York Times’ Oscar ad is hard to look away from. In a fast-paced and dramatic commercial, this ad addresses the recent rumors in the media. By the end of this short ad, the New York Times successfully conveys that it is the best place to get reliable information and learn the truth.

7. Samsung Official TVC: Ostrich


Samsung’s ad may start off fairly humorous, but by the end it conveys a very motivational message. Closing with #DoWhatYouCant, the ad inspires you to reach for the stars and not give up your goals, no matter how unrealistic they may seem or how many people say they’re impossible. If you refuse to be told no and put in the effort to making your dreams happen, you will be able to do so.


We’re sure there are many other ads out there that are too good to skip. Which ads have you found on YouTube that are worth waiting through? Tell us below in the comments!

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