Ad Industry Icons and Influencers to #AWNewYork Attendees to ‘Get Out of Home’

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Today’s advertising creatives and media planners grew up with the internet in the palm of their hands. They get digital media and push it forward. But, some ideas are too big to stay trapped online. Bold ideas need a bold platform.

To drive home out of home’s (OOH) relevance in today’s digital world, the OOH industry, led by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), this week launched a new campaign to inspire and excite the ad industry about OOH’s power, value, and significance in today’s digital world. The “Get Out of Home” campaign, created by Publicis New York, highlights how the medium competes with and compliments online and mobile advertising.

The goal is to spark conversation about how today’s responsive, engaging OOH medium can elevate any idea, creating magnetism and distinction.

According to Josh Horn, Creative Director, Publicis New York, “OOH has become the ultimate stage for brands to get their message seen. It’s contextual, measurable, and responsive.”

Launching in connection with Advertising Week New York, “Get Out of Home” targets media agencies and planners attending the event with static and digital OOH ads that invite them to engage with the campaign using the #GetOutofHome hashtag. To highlight the medium’s flexibility and relevance, social media posts and event insights are being published live to digital screens across New York, using the real-time campaign management platform, OpenLoop.

Industry icons are championing OOH as media amplifiers. Touting the value of OOH, Publicis New York’s Andy Bird, Barton F. Graf’s Gerry Graf, and Stan Richards of The Richards Group are featured on billboards and other OOH formats in major markets across the US, including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Also featured are young media creative thinkers with blossoming social media followings, including Copywriter Jezz Chung at Anomaly, Digital Designer Marta Llop at Facebook, and Graphic Designer Pawel Nolbert, who’s worked with clients such as Adobe, Google, and Disney. These young guns are using their strengths in digital media to help transform how the ad industry understands OOH.

“As a creative, I’m used to being behind the camera, so when I got the email asking if I wanted to be on a billboard, it felt surreal,” Chung told us. “Being a woman of color, being Asian American while navigating this industry can be disheartening and exhausting. But moments like this keep me going. I felt seen.”

Llop is also excited to get in the real world: “It’s thrilling to get some “off the gram” exposure.”

In addition to New York City, the campaign will be featured on more than 50,000 OOH units, including 27 digital screen networks, in 30 major US markets including Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, San Francisco, and Washington, DC in the coming weeks.

OAAA members are supporting the campaign in several ways. Production company Grand Visual has adapted and will deliver dynamic creative to national digital OOH networks. Dot2Dot is delivering dynamic content to the official Advertising Week venue screens, provided by Formetco and National Mobile Billboard. OOH media and production for the campaign have been donated by Adams+Fairway, Barrett Outdoor, Captivate, Circle Graphics, Clear Channel Outdoor, Cleveland Outdoor, Coastal Outdoor, Curb, DDI Media, Do It Outdoors, Eye Corp Media, Intersection, Interstate Outdoor, JCDecaux, Lamar Advertising, Link Media, Mile High Outdoor, Norton Outdoor, OUTFRONT Media, Pacific Outdoor, Park Outdoor, Porter Advertising, Signal Outdoor, Streetblimps, Total Outdoor, Vector Media, and YESCO Media.

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