Cheetah Mobile Replays Cover Vertical Video in All Mobile Moments

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It’s quite possible that the most successful mobile company that was the least known at Advertising Week Europe is Cheetah Mobile. They started in China a little over six years ago and have grown to become the 4th largest mobile app developer in the world, with over 600 million global MAU, 80% of which are located outside of China.

Cheetah Mobile also has a mobile advertising business called Cheetah Ads, and they took advantage of the AWEurope platform to synchronize the launch of the Cheetah Ads division in the European market and showcase their new vertical video capabilities. Cheetah Ads leverages Cheetah Mobile’s artificial intelligence strength to make ads smarter. A claimed benefit of Cheetah Ads over other ad solutions, and this message was repeated throughout the event, is its ability to provide vertical video advertising in all mobile moments.

With such a large user base and over 3.5 billion global installations, Cheetah Mobile has an incredible amount of big data. Cheetah Lab is the company’s research division that frequently gathers and shares this data, revealing different insights and trends. This was evident at AWEurope when Cheetah Lab introduced a report that compared the European and Chinese mobile market.

Of course, not everyone was able to attend AWEurope, and even attendees had to pick and choose between stages, workshops, and special events. For your convenience, the videos of Cheetah Mobile’s presentations and panels are posted below.

Unlock the Key to Mobile Marketing

Average users spend more than 4 hours per day on their phone, and 99% of that time, they hold their phone vertically. There are a lot of opportunities to reach mobile users – from pre-social interactions (AppLock), to social engagement (, content (News Republic), and utility moments (Clean Master). Cheetah Mobile wants to help advertisers capture all of these mobile moments with impressive, full-screen vertical video ads. Morden Chen, GM Overseas Ad Sales, provides a more in-depth look at Cheetah Ads, including its recent AppLock campaigns with Nike and Coca-Cola. Morden also discusses the next steps of mobile marketing in Europe with Guenole Le Gall, SVP of Mozoo.

Comparing Europe and China in the Mobile Era

How different are the European and Chinese mobile internet markets when it comes to topics like social, news, video, shopping, and gaming? Jenny Quan, Executive Dean of Cheetah Lab, says Cheetah Mobile is able to answer questions like this because they have a huge big data platform. Watch the video below to find out the answer to these questions, plus hear an important panel discussion with James Chandler, CMO of IAB UK; Xinyu Huang, SVP, Managing Director of Greater China, ComScore; and Jerome Le Feuvre, Director, Operations, News Republic about the differences in mobile markets and rise of mobile video.

Transitioning to Vertical Video

How are agencies and brands incorporating vertical video? Do influencers play a big role in vertical video social strategy? Is it difficult to access vertical video with the current demands? What is the future or natural evolution of vertical video advertising? Michael Smith, UK Sales Director of Cheetah Mobile, asks these questions and more of several knowledgeable panelists, including Celine Saturnino, Chief Commercial Officer of Total Media; Rhys Denny, Head of international Business Development for Verve; Lisa Menalodo, Chief Revenue Officer of Chalk Global; and James Hill, Commercial Lead at in the UK. Watch the video to glean some useful information about creative, metrics, and pain points surrounding the transition to vertical video.

There was a lot of good information shared from Cheetah Mobile at Advertising Week Europe. Based on all the data they’ve collected and studied, they believe that vertical video is the best way to deliver an impressive ad, and their Cheetah Ads platform helps brands reach the right mobile users at different times throughout the day, depending on how users are interacting with their phones. Cheetah Ads offers vertical video for all mobile moments. You may not have heard of Cheetah Mobile before AWEurope, but their presence at this year’s event should definitely place them on your advertising radar.

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