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Great Minds: Bob Costas, American Sportscaster

From his early days at KMOX to his amazing run hosting 11 different Olympic games, television sportscaster legend Bob Costas discusses his incredible life and award-winning career in this must-hear episode of Great Minds.

Zero-Party Data: How To Leverage It And What To Avoid

Marketers have become obsessed with zero-party data — and rightfully so, as it’s the “holy grail” of consumer information. Savvy marketers use zero-party data to improve the personalization of their brand communications and, ultimately, to deepen their relationships with customers — a high priority these days.

Great Minds: Karen Kaplan, Chairman & CEO at Hill Holliday

From her time as a receptionist at Hill Holliday to her current position as Chairman and CEO, Karen Kaplan discusses the challenges, rewards, and successes she’s seen throughout her tenure there, including Hill Holliday’s recent initiatives to promote equality in the workplace and her favorite campaigns.