Global Keynote Series: Building Brands Through Sports and Entertainment

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There is much to be said about today’s advertising landscape vs. the past. From #AWLATAM, Felipe Pimento, Chief Operating Officer – Magnus Media, Pedro Bonilla,Vice President of Brand Initiatives – Magnus Media, Juliana Calle, Vice President – Golf Link and Fonseca, sat down to talk about developing very unique and exclusive content to brands.

In the past with artists, influencers, athletes, there were traditional forms of media. Those artists etc had to go through the media middle man to reach their audiences. Now all that has changed with social media. The artists have become their own networks. That allows them to get immediate feedback from their fans etc. From the insiders point of view in the ever changing world of advertising, they have to constantly adapt to be able to continue to reach audiences and deliver results.

When taking with brands the very first thing that’s asked is what is the artists/athletes social media following. Traditional media is still very much alive. Radio is still number one – more adults in the US are reached via radio than any other medium – 93% adults 18-35 and 35-49 it jumps up to 95%

There must be truth in advertising because if the artists don’t like the product or believe in the brand it will show. Take the time to know what your clients like – establish that authentic connection with them to a product. Now is about the experience that brands have that they bring to the table. Also, by developing very unique and exclusive content to brands, you can peak their interest to want more, it becomes very interesting to them.

If event producers could get involved from the beginning and finish with the brand at the end, the finished product becomes much more organic, it becomes more real and it becomes more valuable.

By removing the layers and for example, put an artist and an event producer together, sit in a room, come up with some great ideas and then flip it around and go back to the agency or brand and say hey I’ve got your idea, we did something 2.0, we did something better – what do you think?

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