Google at AWNewYork 2019

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Anticipate What Matters: Unlocking Consumer Intent to Drive Growth

Join Allan Thygesen, President, Americas at Google to hear how leading brands are combining consumer intent and machine learning to anticipate how to deliver the right message at the right time.

How Marketers Can Predict Customer Needs and Create Better Experiences

Advances in cloud computing and machine learning make it possible for brands to predict what their customers want and how people will respond to their messages. Join Sean Downey, VP of Media Platforms at Google, and Martijn van der Zee, Chief Digital Officer at Rituals, to learn how innovative brands are preparing for the future of predictive marketing.

How Does Google Market Google?

You see the ad in the paper, the anthem on TV and the billboard on the street, but what does getting there actually look like? How do values, instinct and strategy shape the marketing campaigns we come to know? Get a candid look into Google marketing and learn how the minds behind the brand bring the company narrative to life.

Sparks, signals, stories: What work that works looks like on YouTube

Some brilliant creative wins awards. Some brilliant creative drives results. And some brilliant creative — like that from YouTube Works award winners Samsung and Xfinity — does both.

What were the common elements across the campaigns? What did their briefs look like? How did they bring their creative and media teams together to innovate on the platform? Draw insights and inspiration from brands and agencies who are excelling at planning, storytelling, and using creativity to move customers.

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