Cannabis-related products have been shot from a proverbial cannon into the mainstream, flooding the market with health claims ranging from pain relief, to immune function, and anxiety and depression. The end of the prohibition era has arrived. With many new opportunities presenting themselves to marketers, we’ve compiled the things we think you need to know.

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The Seed to Shelf Movement

By Melissa Gonzalez

As regulations continue to evolve from state to state, the plant based cannabodial seed to shelf movement has quickly shifted into the first inning of what feels like the end of the prohibition era. From farmer’s markets to hair salons, CBD’s entrance into retail continues to grow at exponential rates. Growers are expanding their incubation tests with new combinations of powerful molecules, the creation of brands based on more than green leaf imagery is becoming a thing and everyone from millennial consumers to baby boomers to Wall Street analysts are taking close note.

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