How to Support Your Wellbeing, Despite the Uncertainty Around Us

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The coronavirus pandemic has altered all of our lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined. We’ve lived through the first wave and now we’re preparing for what’s next, juggling thoughts of returning to the office with fears about a second wave.

The effects on our industry, and on so many of us who work in it, have been stark. NABS has seen a 25% rise in calls to its empathetic Advice Line since this time last year, and call numbers continue to rise steeply throughout the year. People working across adland at all levels are calling us to discuss worries around redundancy and increased anxiety. We’re proud to be able to give support grants for those in need. This year, more of grants than ever are helping people to make ends meet.

Yes, these are worrying times. This means that we all need to make an extra effort to support our wellbeing at work (and indeed at home) throughout the pandemic. Sadly, we can’t control the spread of the virus or its effects on the economy, but we can be wise, kind and gentle with ourselves so that we can continue to function well throughout. We owe it to ourselves to look after ourselves.

So how best to do that? Try these simple tips.

Talk to your team

It’s crucial to keep talking with your teammates and managers, whether you want to discuss your own emotional health or how to support each other as a group with your work and your wellbeing. Share as much as you feel comfortable, and don’t be shy to ask for support. Understandably, such conversations can be difficult; you may want to ‘practice’ with a teammate, ally or coach.

At NABS, we ask people: “What do you most need?” Ask your team this question to discover how best to support them.

Speak out, seek help

If you’re feeling particularly anxious at the moment, you’re certainly not alone. In NABS recent industry wellbeing poll, 65% of people said they were struggling with anxiety as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. There’s no shame in admitting your feelings. In fact, facing up to the problem can lead you to help, and there’s absolutely help out there for you. NABS’ Knowledge Hub has some great resources on managing anxiety that you can tap into at any time, or you can call our friendly Advice Line team for bespoke help.

Reflect on resilience and success

Chances are, you’ve come through tough times before, whether that’s a job loss or challenges in your personal life. If you’re struggling now, take some time to think about what’s got you through past troubles. Are there any techniques you could use now to take you away from distress?

Resilience is a key quality in these times. Learn how to cultivate this mindset in our forthcoming Advertising Week workshop Rebuilding Brand You.

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