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Q&A: How the Pitch Landscape Has Changed in 2020

Like most everything else, the pitch landscape has been radically altered due to the events of 2020 and the world we now live in. We spoke with David Strome, Client Development Director, US at MediaSense for his thoughts on navigating both the now and the road ahead.

The Future of Rideshare

Uber and Lyft saw a sudden drop in ridership at all hours when the world hunkered down to shelter in place. Now, as communities gradually reopen, many people wonder about the future of the rideshare economy.

Reaching Customers in a Complex Pandemic Era

Research is rooted in science. Science is rooted in observation. And observation is the root of understanding consumers. When we can observe behaviors and patterns, we can market to and resonate with just about anyone.

Ways COVID-19 Transformed The World

COVID-19 has shaken up the business landscape, and the impact fast-tracked the process of moving to a digital era overnight. The rise of a contact-free economy triggered an unprecedented wave of super digitalization and digital transformation.