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AWChat: Morning Consult

Our Twitter chat today we welcomed @morningconsult to discuss consumer behavior in the world of #COVID-19 Here’s a recap of the #AWChat in case you missed it.

What To Run and What To Pause During Covid-19

The most important thing to keep in mind, though, is that any research efforts undertaken now should be led with empathy for the participants and sensitivity to the current situation. Here’s how to determine what research to run and what to pause. 


Crisis Comms During A Pandemic – How to Respond?

With lifestyles and focus of attention drastically altered, now is the time your brand needs to make sure it’s not only staying relevant but also addressing the crisis head-on by furthering the conversation and providing genuine support to your customers and your community.


Customers Have Changed, Retailers Can Too

These changes can and should be taken into consideration as the world gradually reopens in 2020. We will have to press “play”, but we should plan for a different version of the movie than the one we expected.


5 Predictions of What Esports Will Look Like After COVID-19

While it’s true that the gaming world is thriving as a result of COVID lockdowns, from playing games to streaming and watching, it would be foolish for the esports industry to see this as ‘our moment’ given that this boom is only happening while nearly every other sports and entertainment product is on hold.

Win By Staying In!

In the COVID-19 crisis, anxious elected leaders and health officials turned to influencers with deep cultural connections:  sports and entertainment heroes. Their mission is to break through with public-health messages and change behavior.