When Programmatic Buying Gets Placement Right

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With brands increasingly focused on digital advertising that can ensure a consumer experience in a fraud-free environment, taking control of how and where they advertise through programmatic buying is of increasing interest. With this increased focus that marries content and control, we’re seeing some newer market entrants from some of the media industry’s more traditional sectors that are able to give these brands the outcomes and safety they seek – and are increasingly capturing the interest of advertisers.

One of these newer entrants includes the first nationwide programmatic solution for out of home (OOH) media that Clear Channel Outdoor introduced just last December. For the first time, advertisers and agents can purchase digital OOH inventory (billboards, bus shelters and airport screens) through a cross channel, Demand-Side Platform. In other words, we now offer a solution that integrates OOH buying into the broader programmatic media ecosystem through a similar transaction model and the same dashboard that brands use to buy other media programmatically. Our solution also taps into high quality audience-driven data, making it a smarter, easier way to buy OOH.

To maximize the opportunity with programmatic OOH, you need to have both an understanding of the uniqueness of OOH as a channel, as well as the capabilities of the ad tech ecosystem.

On September 26, I’ll join several of media’s leading experts on the latest advances in programmatic buying including Michael Chock of Media iQ; Dan Greenberg from Sharethrough; Nathan Eide of FRWD and Tim Sims of The Trade Desk in a discussion led by Yuyu Chen of Digiday.

I look forward to hearing what my peers say about how their businesses are innovating in their sectors. But first let me share from my panel playbook about how OOH’s programmatic capabilities are helping brands make their outdoor ad buys easier and more efficient.

Bringing the physical and ad tech worlds together to buy programmatic OOH.

Over the past several months we’ve seen a lot of brands, agencies and trading desks start to embrace this new way to buy a traditional media channel. This includes a mix of verticals (retail, entertainment, tech, travel) that have started to leverage the solution. To maximize the opportunity with programmatic OOH, you need to have both an understanding of the uniqueness of OOH as a channel, as well as the capabilities of the ad tech ecosystem. What we find is that OOH buyers are needing to familiarize themselves with the platforms used to activate media, while programmatic buyers need to learn about the unique opportunities that OOH provides a brand.

Do’s and don’ts for brands contemplating programmatic OOH.

Even though programmatic OOH is a nascent capability, we already have some important learnings to share with advertisers. Here are a few of the pointers about how to make programmatic OOH buys more effective: 

  1. Don’t be too narrow with your geographic footprint. Make sure you’re curating a large enough pool of board locations to deliver against the audience you’re trying to reach.
  2. Add on mobile geo-fencing and retargeting to campaigns wherever applicable to drive consumers further down the funnel, which also provides measurable ad response rates for optimization.
  3. Layer on attribution analytics (either a brand’s own or borrowing a solution like Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR) to demonstrate the ROI for programmatic OOH like you’d do in other channels.

Programmatic OOH is even more powerful when combined with the latest in targeting and measurement. What’s perhaps even more exciting is that advertisers can now couple our new programmatic OOH offering with our digital audience measurement CCO RADAR solution to more accurately plan and measure campaigns. The results are proving to be powerful and impressive, and I’ll talk about the success of some of the very first campaigns purchased with our new programmatic OOH tools. I can’t wait to share this and more. I hope you’ll join me at Advertising Week in New York on Tuesday, Sept. 26, to find out “What Happens When Programmatic Buying Gets Placement Right.”

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