The Future of Video: An Interview with Eddie Vaca of AmpLive

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Founder and CEO of AmpLive, Eddie Vaca is an award-winning product developer, media distributor, and start-up strategist. He brings his deep knowledge in Live Video, where he was the head of Ustream’s media distribution business, and where his team was responsible for scaling some of the largest live broadcast in internet history. We got the chance to talk to Eddie about his ideas on what the future of video looks like and what trends could be appearing in the coming months.

Ashley Yenick: With the announcement that Disney is going to be starting a streaming service, it seems like new players in the streaming service market arrive almost daily. What’s the benefit to consumers, if any, of so many streaming services in the marketplace?

Eddie Vaca: It’s personalization. As a consumer, I want content that’s tailored to my taste. My viewing habits and my interest. It does create subscription blindness and audience fragmentation but if Disney only focuses on their core audience I believe the user experience of always being gratified when watching will outweigh those things.

AY: What’s your prediction of trends in the coming months with brands streaming and creating video content?

EV: The trend is up and to the right. Brands have embraced content creation. With every company being a media company, monetization models will be reinvented for content creators as well as new channels in delivery.

AY: Do you think it’s possible that the future of video can continue solely on mobile devices, tablets, and connected televisions and not desktop?

EV: No. It’s going to be a big part of it. I think that there’s no difference in the type of screen just that its’ a screen. The world will continue to watch on TV, Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, Car, plane etc. Screens are screens. What’s unique is the distribution model of reaching those screens. Today you have Comcast that has an in-home saturation of 75% of the US. With the shift of video viewing being more and more Out of Home. How does the distribution model evolve?

AY: If you had a word of advice for marketers looking to reach their consumers more accurately, what would you say?

 EV: Data. Leverage audience data and learn from it.

Be sure to catch Eddie Vaca’s seminar, Streaming Is The New Black, where he’s serving as a panelist this year at #AWNewYork on Tuesday, September 28th at 2:15 PM.

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